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Benefits of yoga

Yoga is a great low impact exercise which is customizable for many different levels of fitness. While offering both physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. Yoga benefits recovering from surgery or working through illness or it can helps alleviates chronic conditions. With regular yoga it helps promote faster healing. Our yoga therapist can work with you to create an individual plan that works with your medical and surgical therapy’s. Through private lessons or yoga classes yoga supports the healing process and helps each person experience symptoms with more centeredness and less distress.

Ways yoga helps you improve

1. Yoga helps improve strength and balance along with flexibility. Through deep breathing and slow movements your blood flow increases and helps warm muscles holding a pose can build strength.

2. Yoga is known to help relieve back pain. The stretching involved in yoga not only helps improve mobility it also ease his pain with in the lower back. The American College of physicians recommend yoga as the first line of treatment for chronic lower back pain.

3. A great resource to ease arthritis symptoms. To ease discomfort of tender swollen joints many people use gentle yoga. This is the best type for people with arthritis, we offer class specific for people looking for relief in this area.

4. Heart health Regular practice of yoga reduces levels of stress and inflammation which leads to a healthier heart. Yoga helps with excessive weight and high blood pressure, both which leads to factors contributing to heart disease.

5. Battling insomnia Yoga teaches you techniques to relax which in turn helps you sleep better. Yoga before bedtime can help you get in the right mindset and prepare your body to fall asleep as well as stay asleep.

6. More energy and better moods The increased in mental and physical energy along with alertness and enthusiasm. yoga allows you positive energy.

7. Stress management According to the national institutes of health scientific evidence shows that yoga support stress management, mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating, weight loss and quality sleep.

8. Community Our yoga classes providing a environment for group healing and support. Even during one on one sessions you become part of our family of healing

9. Better self-care Investing in yourself is the start of investing in a better you. Numerous studies show how yoga benefits in arthritis, balance issues, oncology, woman’s health, chronic pain and other specialties. Creating healthy habits, is the perfect step in your journey to self-care.

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